Wyoming Wants to Be a Crypto Hub

While some regulatory agencies and governments are looking to crack down on the cryptocurrency industry, Wyoming is trying to attract it.

State Rep. Tyler Lindholm, a Republican representing the state’s first district, told Cheddar that the state has more than enough energy to support crypto mining.

“We actually only use about 10 percent of the power that we have,” he said during the Thursday interview. “Our wholesale price for kilowatt hours is one of the cheapest in the nation. On top of that, It’s diversified. We’ve got wind, we’ve got solar, we’ve got coal, we’ve got gas, and we’ve also got hydro.”

State legislators from both sides of the aisle have put five cryptocurrency-related bills in the pipeline. House Bill 70 is currently awaiting Republican Governor Matt Mead’s signature. If passed into law, it would exempt some crypto assets from securities laws.

State Senator Tara Nethercott (R-District 4) told Cheddar during the interview that Wyoming looks forward to building a partnership with the crypto space.

“I think Wyoming is uniquely situated with the appropriate infrastructure, with the appropriate regulatory environment, the appropriate culture and excitement to be a strong partnership with this particular industry,” she said. “So I have great hope for its future in Wyoming.”

For the full interview, click here.

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