If there is one thing that is clear after the 2023 Consumer Electronics show, tech innovators are looking to make the lives of humans much simpler.
Smart devices are leading the charge in human efficiency and now there's new smart home technology to keep families safe. Healthcare and security firm Essence Group has created a new security defense system called MyShield. 
The system uses fog to deter would-be burglars. So how does it work? Once intruders have been detected, a system user is notified via an app on their phone, at which point they can activate the fog. 
It takes about 30 seconds for a 3,500 square-foot room to completely fill, and according to Essence, those breaking and entering usually run away 98 percent of the time. And while it is typically utilized in businesses, the company is developing a model for the home.
When it comes to securing the outside of your home, Genie has you covered with the BenchSentry.
It's aimed at safeguarding packages and gives handlers direct access to the locked box by entering a portion of the tracking number or via a code provided by the homeowner.